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Government Affairs

Discover the unparalleled power of the Government Affairs Committee at the Chamber. We are the driving force behind a dynamic business ecosystem in Columbia County. Our mission: to champion legislation and government actions that foster robust economic growth and cultivate a thriving business landscape.

Your voice matters. As a Chamber member, your insights are pivotal in shaping our initiatives. We eagerly welcome your input to identify and address key issues vital to the business community. If there’s an area impacting businesses, let us know. Fill out the Advocacy Request form via the link below to ensure your concerns are heard and acted upon.

Get ready to engage at the forefront. The Chamber's Government Affairs Committee orchestrates and actively engages in an array of impactful events and programs:

  • Annual State of the Community Address
  • Pre- and Post-Legislative Breakfasts
  • Greater Augusta Day at the Capitol
  • Washington D.C. Fly In Event
  • Candidates Forum
  • Exclusive opportunities to interact with elected officials throughout the year

Unleash your influence. Join us as we pave the way for a robust business climate, influencing policies and fostering a prosperous economic landscape for all.

2024 Governmental Affairs Committee Legislative Agenda

The Columbia County Chamber of Commerce is a CATALYST for business growth, a CONVENER of leaders and influencers, and a CHAMPION for a stronger community. As such, the Chamber has identified these areas as critical to the overall health of our business community and the Greater Augusta region.



The economic vitality and individual prosperity of a community depend on the strength of the workforce. The Chamber supports initiatives that prepare our workforce for today's jobs and build a pipeline of future talent to ensure our community thrives.

Workforce Training: A skilled workforce ensures our business community has the talent to grow their business. The Chamber supports efforts to increase access to training to upskill our current workforce and empower individuals to secure high-quality employment opportunities in our region.

Workforce Barriers: A healthy workforce requires access to foundational services to create a stable work environment. The Chamber supports efforts to increase access and availability to vital services, like childcare, to limit workplace disruptions and help those interested in working to enter the workforce.

Talent Pipeline: A thriving business community is only as strong as the future talent coming through the school system. The Chamber supports efforts to provide access to careers available in our community and ensure our students are trained on the needs of our business community.

Technology: In an increasingly digital world, embracing technology is essential for community growth. We advocate for policies that encourage the adoption of technology and digital infrastructure in businesses and educational institutions. By leveraging technology, we can drive innovation, enhance productivity, and stay competitive in today's global economy.



Sustained economic prosperity depends on a vibrant business climate. The Columbia County Chamber strives for an environment where all businesses can grow and prosper.

Economic Development: The Columbia County Chamber is committed to stimulating economic development within our community. We can create a thriving economic ecosystem that benefits all by supporting strategic investments, infrastructure improvements, and initiatives that attract new businesses and retain existing ones.

Taxes: We support policies that relieve the tax burden on businesses, ensuring they have the financial freedom to invest, expand, and create jobs. Our commitment to sensible tax policies is essential for the growth and vitality of our business community.

Tort reform: We endorse tort reform measures that mitigate excessive litigation, streamline legal processes, and provide businesses with a predictable and just legal environment. Our support for tort reform is crucial to building a business climate where innovation and growth can flourish.



An established and healthy infrastructure provides the necessary framework for commerce to exist. The Chamber believes a healthy, reliable physical and digital infrastructure supporting current and future growth is vital to our community's long-term success.

Housing: Housing is fundamental to our community's well-being. We endorse policies that promote the development of diverse and sustainable housing options. By ensuring that our residents have access to housing options, we contribute to a more stable and prosperous community.

Transportation: A well-maintained transportation system is the lifeblood of our local economy. We advocate for investments in infrastructure that improve mobility, connectivity, and safety. These initiatives encompass road improvements, public transit enhancements, and sustainable transportation options that facilitate the movement of goods and people, underpinning the vitality of our community.

Environment: We champion policies that balance economic growth with environmental sustainability, supporting initiatives protecting natural resources and promoting clean energy solutions. A healthy environment is essential for the long-term well-being of our community.

Water Management: We advocate for strategies that ensure the efficient use and conservation of water resources and measures to safeguard against flooding and enhance water quality. We contribute to a resilient and sustainable community by addressing water management concerns.



Fort Eisenhower represents the largest employer in the Greater Augusta region. As such, it has a significant economic impact on our region. The Chamber supports the growth of Fort Eisenhower and advocates for those currently serving and those who have served our country.

Cyber Center of Excellence: The Columbia County Chamber recognizes the Cyber Center of Excellence's vital role in our community. We wholeheartedly support the growth and expansion of this center, fostering its position as a leader in cybersecurity innovation and training. By doing so, we contribute to our region's prosperity and enhance national security.

Installation Access: Seamless and secure access to our Fort Eisenhower is essential. We advocate for policies that facilitate efficient and effective access, recognizing that the installation is vital to our community's economic well-being. We bolster our region's prosperity by ensuring a smooth flow of people and resources.

Veteran Benefits & Resources: The Chamber advocates for those who have served our country. We endorse initiatives that enhance veterans' benefits and resources, ensuring they can access the support and opportunities they deserve.



The Chamber is a champion for a community with quality healthcare options that are affordable and accessible. Healthcare provides the foundation for a healthy community, which in turn provides stability in the workforce.

Affordability/Access: The Columbia County Chamber advocates for accessible and affordable healthcare. We support policies that ensure all community members have access to quality healthcare services without imposing undue financial burdens. Affordable and accessible healthcare is a cornerstone of a healthy community and a stable workforce.

Mental Health: Mental health is integral to the overall well-being of our community. We champion initiatives that raise awareness, reduce stigma, and improve access to mental health services. Supporting mental health is essential for building resilient individuals, nurturing a supportive community, and maintaining a productive workforce.



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