Youth Leadership


Youth Leadership Columbia County Class of 2017

Youth Leadership Columbia County is a program designed to educate through experience and motivate young leaders and enable them to take an active role in their community. This will result in strong leaders who have hope for the future and the tools to influence a positive and progressive community.

Participants must be sophomores or juniors in Columbia County high schools or residents of Columbia County. They are selected after consideration of their recognized and potential leadership and the merit of their application. The Selection Committee strives to achieve a geographical, racial and socio-economic balance in their selections.


The goal of Youth Leadership Columbia County is to:

  • Identify and educate potential, emerging, and existing youth leaders.
  • Present in-depth programs that acquaint participants with community needs, issues and resources.
  • Allow interaction with community leaders and decision makers.
  • Teach students the positive values and benefits of community service.
  • Encourage students to actively engage in making their community a better place to live.
  • Enhance civic pride and patriotism in our county, state and country.
  • Provide opportunities for students from different geographic areas to know one another and develop a level of mutual trust and respect.

Applications are available in March every year and are available within the local schools. For more information, call the Chamber at 706-651-0018.

Welcome to the Youth Leadership Columbia County Class of 2017!

  • Jonathan Forde – Augusta Christian Schools
  • Ella Hansen – Augusta Christian Schools
  • Hinson Fowler – Augusta Prep
  • Brynna Allen – Evans High School
  • Reece Baker – Evans High School
  • Sam Knight – Evans High School
  • Shelby Plooster – Evans High School
  • Victoria Everett – Greenbrier High School
  • Matt Frey – Greenbrier High School
  • Lilly Howard – Greenbrier High School
  • Hannah Jones – Greenbrier High School
  • Kelly Lloveras – Greenbrier High School
  • Adolfo Martinez – Greenbrier High School
  • Sarah Pennebaker – Greenbrier High School
  • Ian Waldron – Greenbrier High School
  • Jace Combs – Grovetown High School
  • Alex Hawes – Grovetown High School
  • Abbi Page – Grovetown High School
  • Madison Schumm – Grovetown High School
  • Karynne Smith – Harlem High School
  • Luke Yelton – Harlem High School
  • Ellie Polhill – Home School
  • Samuel Welsh – Home School
  • Brooklyn Hilley – Lakeside High School
  • Jamie Stafford – Lakeside High School
  • Shreyu Umapathy – Lakeside High School
  • Jay Yagnick – Lakeside High School
  • John McCraith – Westminster Schools of Augusta                                                                                  

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